If you rent out property or work as a property manager for someone who does, you will eventually need to make customized alterations to the rental space in order to suit a new tenant. These tenant improvements bring their own risks and rewards. They require expert attention in order to get the best out of them. Fortunately, WCI Electric is here to offer their expertise.
Now, perhaps you are considering doing the wiring yourself. Perhaps the landlord that employs you has a particularly stingy tenant improvement allowance, or the rent you get from the tenant doesn’t seem to cover the immediate cost of the improvements. However, consider the following:

It is Harder than it Looks
It’s a staple of comedies through time: someone declares they will rewire the Building themselves and chaos ensues as the amateur gets electrocuted and winds up paying to have their mistakes fixed. A shoddy job that has to be redone costs more than doing it right the first time. There is also the hidden risk of amateur wiring: Building fires and electrocutions. There are permits and regulations you have to follow in order to install fixtures safely and legally. WCI Electric has the expertise and experience to save you.

It is Worth the Upfront Cost
A typical lease is 5 to 10 years. During that time the tenant gets a portion of the full value of the improvements each time that they use it. The better the work, the better the value and the longer the improvements will last. WCI Electric’s work will outlast just about any tenant, which means that the next tenant will also get the benefits of the improvement. This makes it easier to rent out property at good rates.

Updating the Building often leads to the Building being more energy efficient, and that saves money for everyone. It only works if done correctly, however, so you will want experts like WCI Electric, who know how to install energy efficient fixtures.

Over the long run, tenant improvements that are done correctly by experts pay for themselves, and WCI Electric can provide that. If you have a new tenant asking for electrical improvements, contact us. We’ll help.

View our photo gallery of electrical tenant improvements, such as washer dryer outlets, and security lighting outdoors.

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