Electrical issues happen often, which is why you need an electrical troubleshooting expert in case of electrical failure in your commercial building. Let WCI Electric investigate the problem quickly and offer you a solution to whatever electrical repair issue that you are facing.
Our San Jose Electricians  are highly trained and able to locate your electrical issues and help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let our expert troubleshooting skills solve your electrical repairs. We are proud of our reputation, excellence and quality of services.
Electrical troubleshooting requires experience and vast knowledge of electrical problems. Here at WCI Electric, we offer different areas of troubleshooting which includes:
• Electrical Troubleshooting
• Maintenance
• Code Compliance
• Surge Protection
No matter how complicated an electrical problem might appear, you can count on WCI Electric’s electricians to seek out what’s going on and provide you with the professional, timely electrical repair and troubleshooting that you expect. We fix everything from electrical wiring to circuit breakers. At WCI Electric, our customers come first.

We are the go to electrical contractor for new start up company's helping them save money on there electricial needs
We are the go to electrical contractor for new start up company’s helping them save money on there electrical needs