There are a variety of electrical contractors on the market, so it is key to ask the right questions before picking a contractors for your warehouse electrical set-up. Here at WCI Electrical, we service some of the biggest warehouses in San Jose, and the Bay Area. The valley is full of large commercial real estate, so we’ve come across a lot of jobs, and the most common questions to ask an electrical contractor.

Here are the top 8 questions to ask before signing new electricians onto your job:
Question 1) Are you licensed, bonded and insured for the commercial warehouse electrical work we are contracting for?
Answer: Yes, and your electrician can provide all of the proper licensing upon request at the time of bidding.

Question 2) How many and what types of electricians will be on the job at any given time, and what are the hours/days/time on site expected (so you can alert your team)?
Answer: This will depend on the job, but typically a foreman will run every job, and commercial electricians will be provided.

Question 3) Do you have references from previous industrial or warehouse electrical jobs performed in the past?
Answer: Yes, we are able to provide at least 3 references for warehouse jobs previously performed.

Question 4) Before starting the job do you provide a contract outlining cost, timeline and terms of the electrical work?
Answer: Yes, this is all dependent on the scope and size of the job – this will be defined in the terms.

Question 5) How many years of experience do you have?
Answer: With nearly 30 years of experience, our commercial electrical business in the Bay Area has a line of clients that are still sending business our way.

Question 6) Do you offer a warranty on the electrical work performed?
Answer: Please talk with your technician to determine your needs, and at the very least we can offer electric warranties for parts.

Question 7) Can you help us understand ways to cut costs by offering a variety of options for improved ‘smarter’ lighting options in our warehouse? Lighting is the number 3 overhead cost in our business.
Answer: Yes, we even have a blog about how to improve warehouse lighting productivity levels, which reduces costs on electricity.

Question 8) Are you familiar with commercial and industrial electrical inspection information?
Answer: Yes, and we know all of the San Jose building and electrical codes, electrical inspection information and title 24 lighting just to name a few (the list is too long, so call us).

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