At WCI Electric, we get all kinds of questions about Title 24 lighting. WCI Electric knows all about it, and wants to help commercial entities comply with the new standards.
What is It?
Title 24 lighting is lighting that meets the standards set forth by the California Energy Commission in Title 24, Part 6 of their Public Resources Code. The Commission first formulated these rules in 1978 and they have updated them periodically to accommodate new technology ever since.
They updated them in 2008, and they did it again in May of 2012. WCI Electric has kept up with these standards and knows how to ensure that your establishment meets them to the satisfaction of any local building department. The latest update requires that lighting in nonresidential places be able to adjust according to the level of daylight and building occupancy. WCI Electric has trained technicians that can install just that sort of lighting.
There are other parts of the standard that you must implement when installing lighting. These can vary by climate zone, since the needs of a building change with the climate. WCI Electric technicians know what climate zone you are in and can install lighting that matches these needs.
Who Has to Meet These Standards?
Local building departments enforce these standards on all buildings except prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes. WCI Electric will serve any commercial and industrial building so that everyone can comply with Title 24 easily.
What are the Benefits?

WCI Electric loves meeting these standards too, because these standards will reduce energy spent on lighting by 25%. Installing new lighting saves you money, and we’re the most cost-effective way of achieving those savings. This will bring up the value of the property. What is more, WCI Electric goes out of its way to make the transition comfortable and quick.
When Should Building Owners Meet These Standards?
The standards have been in effect since January of 2014, but you can call WCI Electric whenever you need lighting. We will make sure your building meets the certification requirements.
When you hire WCI Electric, you get the best quality service available and the most cost-effective method of complying with Title 24. Please contact us today to find out more.