1. What to Ask a Electrical Contractor about Warehouse Electrical

    There are a variety of electrical contractors on the market, so it is key to ask the right questions before picking a contractors for your warehouse electrical set-up. Here at WCI Electrical, we service some of the biggest warehouses in San Jose, and the Bay Area. The valley is full of large commercial real estate, so we've come across a lot of jobs, and the most common questions to ask an electri…Read More

  2. Does Bad Warehouse Lighting Causing Low Productivity Levels?

    If your warehouse is not well-lit, then you are working in an environment that is going to likely be filled with errors and problems. Many warehouse facilities have to perform various functions on a daily basis. A few of the work operations warehouses are responsible for include the following: Choosing the operations that need to be handled Packaging goods Shipping those products to customers Rec…Read More

  3. Why Every Business Should Consider The Installation Of Security Lighting

    When the economy dips, there is always one statistic which rises - crime. Though things will always even out in the end, nothing spurs on vandals and thieves like a bit of hardship. Though things are looking up and crime rates are settling back into their norms, another threat to commercial facilities is growing. The theft of copper and other pure metals from buildings is becoming the new trend am…Read More

  4. Commercial Title 24 lighting

    At WCI Electric, we get all kinds of questions about Title 24 lighting. WCI Electric knows all about it, and wants to help commercial entities comply with the new standards. What is It? Title 24 lighting is lighting that meets the standards set forth by the California Energy Commission in Title 24, Part 6 of their Public Resources Code. The Commission first formulated these rules in 1978 and they …Read More

  5. WCI Electric is your go to commercial electrical contractor in Santa Clara & San Jose

    WCI Electric is your go to commercial electrical contractor in Santa Clara & San Jose. Give a call to schedule your free estimate 408 242 2069 or visit our website   https://plus.google.com/117114852315675237251/posts/EmPutSihtoi…Read More

  6. San Jose Commercial lighting contractor

      At WCI Electric, our commercial lighting serves property managers and businesses with a huge selection of replacement lighting products at competitive prices, all done with the professionalism you expect. When you own a commercial property, one way to enhance the beauty of your property is with commercial landscape lighting. WCI Electric works with you on the design and interior features. Wheth…Read More

  7. The Benefits of Improved Warehouse Lighting

    The Benefits of Improved Warehouse Lighting Many companies don't realize the many benefits of updating their warehouse lighting. Since they don't realize the benefits, companies tend to neglect old warehouse lighting, content to leave it alone. This is a decision that forgoes all of the benefits that updated warehouse lighting from a company like WCI Electric could bring. One benefit to updating w…Read More

  8. Another successful panel install for one of our local robotic companies in Santa Clara

     Another successful panel install for one of our local robotic companies in Santa Clara. Does your facility need some electrical work done? Give WCI electric a call or visit our Website at www.wcielectric.com…Read More

  9. Emergency electrical repairs

      Emergency electrical repairs? We have you covered When you have an electrical repair emergency at your home or business, WCI Electric is available to meet your needs. Ignoring an electrical emergency repair is a dangerous situation that needs attention quickly by experienced electricians. It is a scary thought that someone becomes harmed due to a neglected electrical issue. You can count on WCI…Read More