1. The Benefits of Improved Warehouse Lighting

    The Benefits of Improved Warehouse Lighting Many companies don't realize the many benefits of updating their warehouse lighting. Since they don't realize the benefits, companies tend to neglect old warehouse lighting, content to leave it alone. This is a decision that forgoes all of the benefits that updated warehouse lighting from a company like WCI Electric could bring. One benefit to updating w…Read More

  2. Another successful panel install for one of our local robotic companies in Santa Clara

     Another successful panel install for one of our local robotic companies in Santa Clara. Does your facility need some electrical work done? Give WCI electric a call or visit our Website at www.wcielectric.com…Read More

  3. Emergency electrical repairs

      Emergency electrical repairs? We have you covered When you have an electrical repair emergency at your home or business, WCI Electric is available to meet your needs. Ignoring an electrical emergency repair is a dangerous situation that needs attention quickly by experienced electricians. It is a scary thought that someone becomes harmed due to a neglected electrical issue. You can count on…Read More

  4. What to consider before hiring a commercial electrician

    What to consider before hiring a commercial electrician There are many things to look at before hiring a commercial electrician. However the most essential factor that you should consider is the level of experience. Indeed if you’re a business owner renting a corporate building, you want to make sure that whatever electric issues you’re dealing with will be fixed in a timely and effective fash…Read More

  5. Security lighting

    Security lighting improves your safetyExterior security lighting improves safety outside your home or business and illuminates outdoor living areas. WCI Electric can install fixtures at installation multiple sites. They are typically mounted on posts or sometimes fixed to exterior walls and ceilings, depending on the location. They are fit with automated features to simplify user controls. They ar…Read More

  6. Need a retail electrician? Contact us!

    Need a retail electrician? Contact us! WCI Electric is your go to Commercial electrical contractor in the San Jose area It’s a difficult task finding a retail electrical contractor you can trust. WCI Electric takes extra care to form solid relationships with our clients. Our electricians are polite, professional and always on time. We specialize in industrial and retail electrical work. WCI Elec…Read More

  7. LED Lighting: The future of illumination

    LED Lighting: The future of illumination Posted on: 29 Jan 2015 LED Lighting Incandescent light bulbs have been the standard of lighting for over a century, but a new, better light source has been developed. The LED, or light emitting diode, is becoming more commonplace because it has many advantages over other types of illumination. Switching to an LED system is as easy as contacting the professi…Read More

  8. Local & N.E.C Electrical codes for San Jose / Santa Clara

    WCI Electric offers all commercial business  electric code repairs or corrections in the San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Los Altos, and surrounding areas. All electricians in the Bay Area need to be knowledgeable of the Local & National Electrical Code and local guidelines before they take on any Commercial / Industrial electrical services, repair, or upgrade…Read More

  9. Electrical Panel upgrades

    WCI Electric offers professional breaker box replacement and repair services to commercial business owners in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Cupertino, and nearby areas. Is your building in need of breaker box replacement or repairs? Even if the wiring in your building is in very good condition, it is likely a great idea to replace that old box with a more modern electrical panel for safety reas…Read More