1. Installing Dedicated Circuits

    WCI Electric has noticed that businesses tend to use up a lot of energy, but they don't consume energy in an evenly distributed fashion. For instance, a restaurant may have some lights on in the dining area, but most of the electricity is going to the kitchen: the refrigerator, stove and other devices needed for cooking. Sometimes, an appliance uses so much energy that plugging anything else in mi…Read More

  2. WCI Electric: 3 Beneftis of Hiring a Commercial lighting contractor

    If you're like most companies your lighting methods are greatly outdated. Lighting technology has come a long way in the past 10 years or so, and if your company isn't updated on this technology you're missing out on a number of benefits. Here are the benefits of hiring a high-quality commercial lighting contractor to improve your company's lighting: 1. Save Money An exceptional commercial lightin…Read More

  3. Why Every Business Should Consider The Installation Of Security Lighting

    When the economy dips, there is always one statistic which rises - crime. Though things will always even out in the end, nothing spurs on vandals and thieves like a bit of hardship. Though things are looking up and crime rates are settling back into their norms, another threat to commercial facilities is growing. The theft of copper and other pure metals from buildings is becoming the new trend am…Read More

  4. Choose WCI Electric as your Santa Clara electrical contractor

    WCI Electric maintains your commercial electrical systems, making everything run safely and effectively. Our licensed Santa Clara electricians offer the perfect electrical solutions for commercial buildings like hotels, stores and restaurants. Our Santa Clara electricians  work with the blueprint of your buildings, making sure that all electrical wiring are always wired correctly. We supply e…Read More

  5. San Jose commercial electrician

    A San Jose commercial electrician is essential for any business with serious amounts of power. There are a number of electrical and mechanical things that will need to be taken care of by an industry professional whether you are opening a new place or you need repairs and maintenance on your current complex. WCI electric is your commercial electrician partner. These courteous professionals are ski…Read More

  6. Industrial Electrical Contractor San Jose

      At WCI Electric, our relationship with our customers is what is most important. We are always prompt and dependable. We strive to give you a positive experience. WCI Electric focuses on giving our customers quality work and value. We offer the highest level of service available, from commercial to industrial jobs. At WCI Electric, Our San Jose Industrial / Commercial electricians  have experie…Read More

  7. WCI ELECTRIC is a 5 star company

    WCI ELECTRIC is a 5 star company. Check out our numerous 5 star reviews or visit our website at www.wcielectric.com to become our next satisfied customer. https://plus.google.com/117114852315675237251/posts/erPxHtp55Z7…Read More

  8. Contact WCI electric for your data room power needs

    https://plus.google.com/112778449654247503934/posts/R7M9tVBEuJr…Read More

  9. T5 HO high bay fluorescent fixtures

    Let WCI ELECTRIC brighten up your day by installing some new lighting in your facility. Our San Jose commercial electrician can install your new T5 HO high bay fluorescent fixtures so your TEAM can be more productive and efficient while building your state of the art equipment. We love helping are local customers.…Read More

  10. Don’t be a victim of poor craftsmanship.

    Don't be a victim of poor craftsmanship. The electrical panel on the bottom is very unsafe and dangerous. Please hire a licensed and insured contractor for your electrical needs. This could kill you if your not careful. At WCI electric we pride ourselves in supplying quality services at an affordable price. Visit our website for more Info. WWW.WCIELECTRIC.COM…Read More