1. Commercial EV Charging Stations Make Parking Lots Green

    While electric cars are not going to become the majority solution for transportation needs any time soon, there are a significant number of them on the road. That number is only predicted to grow as the technology becomes more common, and the vehicles get more affordable. For businesses who want to get ahead of the curve by making sure they can cater to the drivers of the future it's a good idea t…Read More

  2. WCI Electric: Commercial EV Charging Stations Are The Fuel Pumps Of The Future

    Imagine for a moment the amount of revenue stores could generate if their parking lots were also fueling stations. Customers pull in, hook up, and let their vehicles fuel up while they browse books or buy groceries. When they leave they load up their purchases, disconnect the fuel line, and drive off. That scenario seems odd in a world dominated by the internal combustion engine, but with electric…Read More