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At WCI Electric, our commercial lighting serves property managers and businesses with a huge selection of replacement lighting products at competitive prices, all done with the professionalism you expect.
When you own a commercial property, one way to enhance the beauty of your property is with commercial landscape lighting. WCI Electric works with you on the design and interior features. Whether you lease or sell space to residential or business customers, hiring a commercial lighting contractor provides advantages that will increase the appeal to potential buyers and tenants.
When you choose WCI Electric as your commercial lighting company, you will benefit from the following:
• Installation crews that are on-time and provide excellent results.
• We will maintain and add value to your current lighting system.
• Our San Jose commercial electricians  have years of experience in providing lighting for hotels, country clubs, hotels and more.
• Highly skilled designers that create beautiful designs suited to your needs.
WCI Electric illuminates our customers with energy-efficient lighting systems. Our commercial lighting contractors provide top technical and environmental performance. WCI Electric uses highly sophisticated analysis tools. We will evaluate the space used, dimming, lamp color and other issues from initial cost to future maintenance.
WCI Electric works with a skilled workforce of commercial lighting contractors. WCI Electric believes in keeping the customer happy. We provide exceptional products and services at competitive prices. Our commercial lighting contractors will guide you with their best ideas, while informing you about the latest market trends. Please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day.