Whenever you need electrical emergency repairs, you should never hesitate to contact an electric company as soon as you can. When these situations occur, they can certainly be irritating, but that irritation can quickly turn into an electrical fire. Those electrical fires can not be put out with water because it will only make matters worse; you will need to extinguish those fires.

It does not matter what day it is or the time of day, you should always be able to depend on your electrical company to fix any issues you may have. A professional electric company like WCI Electric offers emergency repairs because we understand issues can happen at the most unexpected time. We also offer emergency services because we know that an emergency will almost always occur when business hours are over.

What Will Be An Emergency?

Even when you think a problem is insignificant and that it will not cause harm to anyone, you should still seek emergency electrical services. Also, small problems will typically lead to bigger problems. If you have any of the issues below, you should certainly call your electrical company for emergency repairs as quickly as possible:

  • Your lights flicker sometimes throughout the workplace
  • There are burning areas around your business’s electrical outlets
  • When you switch your breaker your power does not turn on or off

Have you experienced any of the above issues in your workplace? If you have, then you should not wait any longer to contact an electrician. You should also try not to panic, although this can really be an irritating and confusing time. If a fire occurs, you should leave the workplace and call 911.

After you call WCI Electric for an emergency repairs, we will inform you on what you should do next. Even if you are working after hours and you need help, we will be here to help you no matter what the issues may be. If you ever have an emergency, you will not have to wait at your office for long before we arrive. Contact WCI Electric for additional information on our emergency services.