The focus in every data center is energy efficiency to improve operations and reduce operation costs. WCI Electric understands the challenges of setting up the perfect data room power infrastructure to support your data center needs. Our innovative solutions helps you to respond to any critical issues so you can concentrate on making your business grow.

WCI Electric provides the exact tools you need in order to effectively organize the many servers within your company. You can depend on us for high-quality service, such as:

Costs of Power

WCI Electric lowers your costs of running a data center power, while maximizing energy efficiency and improving operations.

Data Growth

We assist with the growth of data storage that expands capacity, while also keeping in touch with an organization’s cost containment goals.

Network Performance 

WCI Electric will upgrade network infrastructures to meet current demands and anticipate the next generation of network requirements.

WCI Electric provides data centers a path to optimize around design, operating and management. We do this with cooling, power and monitoring technologies. WCI Electric offers products and expertise that guarantee your system’s resiliency while keeping costs competitive. We create new synergies that specialize in the latest tools and procedures.

WCI Electric takes pride in being your source for all of your data room power needs. If you need a fast and simple power distribution solution, please feel free to contact us today. WCI Electric will make sure that you have the power to keep your IT room running smoothly, thereby ensuring business continuity.