While electric cars are not going to become the majority solution for transportation needs any time soon, there are a significant number of them on the road. That number is only predicted to grow as the technology becomes more common, and the vehicles get more affordable. For businesses who want to get ahead of the curve by making sure they can cater to the drivers of the future it’s a good idea to install commercial EV charging stations.

What Commercial EV Charging Stations Can Do For You

A commercial EV charging station is essentially a gas pump for an electric vehicle. You pull into a slot, plug up your car, and then wait. Maybe you go inside and shop, or you get back in your car and wait for the batteries to charge back up. Once the charge is finished you unplug and drive off. It’s fast, simple, and it works as one more way for a store to make money.

Imagine for a moment if you could park your car, shop for groceries, and then when you got back your tank was full? That’s the kind of convenience that these charging stations offer for electric car drivers. Not only that but by offering this service a business is seen as more eco-friendly, and it will receive more business from electric drivers.

WCI Electric Can Get The Job Done

While they’re becoming more and more commonplace EV charging stations still require expert installation. That’s where WCI Electric comes in. Our electricians are trained and experienced when it comes to these installations, and we ensure all the proper steps are taken to get the job done right the first time. There’s no wasted time, and no additional steps; we simply get the job done so you can start offering your customers an additional (and often necessary) service as soon as possible.

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