1. What to Ask a Electrical Contractor about Warehouse Electrical

    There are a variety of electrical contractors on the market, so it is key to ask the right questions before picking a contractors for your warehouse electrical set-up. Here at WCI Electrical, we service some of the biggest warehouses in San Jose, and the Bay Area. The valley is full of large commercial real estate, so we've come across a lot of jobs, and the most common questions to ask an electri…Read More

  2. Does Bad Warehouse Lighting Causing Low Productivity Levels?

    If your warehouse is not well-lit, then you are working in an environment that is going to likely be filled with errors and problems. Many warehouse facilities have to perform various functions on a daily basis. A few of the work operations warehouses are responsible for include the following: Choosing the operations that need to be handled Packaging goods Shipping those products to customers Rec…Read More

  3. Installing Dedicated Circuits

    WCI Electric has noticed that businesses tend to use up a lot of energy, but they don't consume energy in an evenly distributed fashion. For instance, a restaurant may have some lights on in the dining area, but most of the electricity is going to the kitchen: the refrigerator, stove and other devices needed for cooking. Sometimes, an appliance uses so much energy that plugging anything else in mi…Read More

  4. How To Chose Your Commercial Electrical Contractor?

    Choosing commercial electrical services for your business definitely requires you to do some research and pay careful attention to who you hire for these services. This kind of work can become very complex; and you will want someone who has the skills and experience to give you the service that you need. WCI Electric is known for producing high quality work with a variety of businesses. At WCI …Read More

  5. When To Call A San Jose Commercial Electrician ? Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs

    Many business professionals hope they will never have call in someone else to repair or replace something in their workplace. They try to avoid calling a technician for as long as possible because they really do not want their bottom line to take a huge hit. You may be able to avoid calling in help for some areas of your business, such as painting or interior design. However, there are some proble…Read More

  6. Hire A Commercial Electrical Company Near San Jose

    Do you know how or where to find the best commercial electrical company that will meet the needs of your business? You have seen plenty of ads on TV, you've seen ads posted online, and you have probably scrolled through several Facebook pages trying to find a commercial electrician to contact. Before you invite anyone to your business for a contract bid or before you let anyone work on your busine…Read More

  7. Commercial Tenant Improvements

    If you rent out property or work as a property manager for someone who does, you will eventually need to make customized alterations to the rental space in order to suit a new tenant. These tenant improvements bring their own risks and rewards. They require expert attention in order to get the best out of them. Fortunately, WCI Electric is here to offer their expertise. Now, perhaps you are consid…Read More

  8. Restaurant Electrician Near Santa Clara

    Your commercial kitchen uses appliances and equipment on a daily basis. As soon as you notice a problem, call a restaurant electrician like the experts at WCI Electric. Our qualified, professional Santa Clara electricians can handle all your service, maintenance and repair needs in a timely fashion. Don't be left in the dark and lose your customers. Our electricians have the knowledge and training…Read More

  9. Data Room Power: 3 Things You Need to Know

    Data room power is one of the more mysterious aspects of the data center, but it need not be that way. Here are three things that you need to know about the electric setup for your data room to make sure that you are following the best practices and supplying your system with the right amount of power. 1. A strong system is future-ready - Data rooms grow and change very rapidly. It's important to …Read More

  10. Saving Serious Money With Lighting Retro Fits

    Lighting Retro Fits The solution many businesses are turning to is a lighting retrofit. Say for instance that a building has an old but still functional lighting system that's just eating up electricity, and it wants to convert that lighting system to LEDs. Given that LEDs use about 20 percent the amount of power that an incandescent light bulb uses, that represents a huge savings for any business…Read More